Test Cell Design, Project and Construction Management Services

A test cell is a complex system that must integrate seamlessly with the rest of your facility and systems. Fortunately, Dyne Systems equips you with all of the equipment and other building systems required for a complete, high-performing test cell. Count on Dyne Systems to reduce the risk and simplify the complex challenges of the test cell environment by ensuring your success.

Design Services

Dyne Systems will provide a comprehensive set of Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Process Piping drawings of your new test cell. In addition, we will work with your architectural and engineering firms to integrate the design into your overall building, as well as, assisting with permits and other approvals. Dyne Systems carefully considers all systems and components related to your test cell and how they integrate together to deliver an end result that is safe, convenient and well organized.

Test Cell Project Management Services

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing test cell or require a new testing facility, Dyne Systems will own the responsibility and manage the entire complex project from predesign to startup. Our Project Management Services are configured to meet your specific requirements and desired level of support, making life easier for you so you can focus on what you do best.

Test Cell Construction Management Services

Our Construction Management Services include working with your general contractor to supply, install and commission Dyne Systems designed systems, including but not limited to; process piping, HVAC ducting, mechanical and electrical systems into your new test cell. Certifications, third party inspections and any installation or unloading of equipment from other contractors and/or equipment is not included.