Dynamometers (Dynos) Offering Precise, Robust and Repeatable Testing

A comprehensive offering of AC and Eddy Current dynamometers (dynos) providing a wide range of power capacity from 5 to 2,500 hp (4 – 1,864 kW).

Serving a wide range of markets, our comprehensive dynos offer proven quality and durability to help you:

  • Validate design specifications
  • End-of-Line testing / Engine break-in
  • Test for durability and deterioration
  • After rebuild testing
  • Product research and development

You can always count on our team for expert support to help you make the most of your dynamometer system over the long haul – from selection and configuration to installation, training and support.

AC Dynamometer

AC Dynamometers (Dynos)

Compact systems with excellent dynamic response under stringent operating conditions

Eddy Current Dynamometer

Eddy Current Dynamometers (Dynos)

Precise, low-maintenance, rapid response for testing