Inter-Loc V Multi-loop Dyno Controller

The Inter-Loc V is a stand-alone, multi-loop controller capable of providing closed loop PID based control for up to three dynamometers, three throttle control devices or a combination of both.

Fast, Precise, Repeatable Control Software

The Inter-Loc V provides fast, precise, repeatable control, even at rapid transient rates. The Inter-Loc V is modular in design and only the components required for the specific testing application are integrated into the control system. The basic unit has three slots into which any combination of dynamometer or throttle control modules can be inserted. External instrumentation is connected to the Sub-D connections on each module.

Additional features of the Inter-Loc V include:

  • Parameters can be easily saved to a file, uploaded for parameter restoration and printed from a text file
  • Manual operation, configuration, calibration and tuning of the Inter-Loc V is available through the optional touchscreen based Operator Control Station (OCS)
  • The OCS utilizes a keypad for setup functions and insertion of set points, while a touchscreen displays data, status messages
  • Single point dead weight, single point shunt calibration and multi-point calibration options available
  • Graphical tuning feature that allows all tuning parameters to be quickly adjusted while observing changes to the system response on a graphical display
  • 24 VDC programmable general purpose digital outputs (15)
  • 24 VDC programmable general purpose digital inputs (5), which allow integration of test cell control functions
  • Security administrator has complete control over features available to the operator
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