Ignition Power Supply

The Ignition Power Supply is used to provide adequate power for the ignition system of internal combustion engines. This power supply eliminates the need for batteries in the test cell that are used to supply ignition power. It is not designed to provide electrical power for cranking engines that uses electric starters. The Ignition Power Supply comes standard with a single 12 VDC (53 amp) output and offers the option to include a 24 VDC (27 amp) and/or 48 VDC (13 amp) output. When multiple output voltage capability is present, the desired voltage is selected by illuminated pushbuttons on the front of the enclosure.

Ignition Power Supply Operation:

Operation of a single output voltage is the base of our system design. Switching voltages requires the operator to go through a reset procedure to ensure a safe voltage selection switchover and prevents inadvertent switching of the output voltage. The Ignition Power Supply must be wired through an ignition relay to complete the output voltage delivery to the engine. This ignition relay is provided in Dyne Systems’ DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System. If a different system is being used, the customer must purchase the necessary ignition relay components separately.

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