Closed Loop Cooling Center (CLCC)

Dyne Systems has a family of Closed Loop Cooling Centers (CLCC), each sized to handle the heat rejection typically required for engines that are up to 2,500 hp (1,864 kW). The CLCC allows you to use a glycol-based coolant to regulate an engine coolant circuit temperature while cooling the CLCC with the facility process water.

Closed Loop Cooling Center (CLCC):

The CLCC system utilizes a heat exchanger (liquid-to-liquid) and temperature sensor to control and monitor the coolant temperature. The coolant temperature is controlled by a set point that you set in the controller or remotely using a remote set point from the DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System. All you need is an optional DynPro2 cable to enable this capability. The CLCC also includes a coolant pump within the enclosure. This coolant pump is used to fill and empty the engine before and after testing. A coolant tank of suitable capacity is required to complete the system and an expansion tank is required to capture gasses entrained in the coolant and allow for fluid expansion.

Expansion Tank Assembly:

The Expansion Tank Assembly is intended to be used with a Closed Loop Cooling Center (CLCC). The tank will improve the performance of the cooling system by providing room for the coolant to expand without it flowing past a relief valve back to the storage tank. This will result in more consistent coolant pressure during engine operation. In addition, the tank should be placed high in the test cell so that it can collect any gas bubbles that form in the coolant. Removing these bubbles will improve the performance of the cooling system.

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