Charge Air Coolers (CAC) for Dynamometer Test Cells

The Charge Air Cooler is designed to cool the combustion air after the turbo charger for engines of up to 3,000 horsepower. The Charge Air Cooler requires a water supply and electrical source. Refer to the Charge Air Cooler specifications listed in the pdfs to confirm the model that will meet your operational needs. Or give Dyne Systems a call.

Charge Air Cooler Operation:

Most engines that are turbocharged need an aftercooler to cool compressed air. Aftercoolers are basically small radiators placed between the compressor housing and the intake manifold of the engine. As the compressed hot air passes through the aftercooler, the air is cooled to reduce its volume. More air is able to enter the cylinder resulting in lower cylinder pressure, more effective cooling of the cylinder component, and a lower exhaust temperature.

Dyne Systems’ Charge Air Cooler connects to the compressor housing outlet of the turbocharger. The compressed air is routed through the Charge Air Cooler, cools and is sent to the intake manifold. The controller measures the temperature of the air after it is cooled by the Charge Air Cooler. The temperature can be adjusted for specific applications.

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