Air Handling and Ventilation for Dynamometer Test Cells

Dyne Systems designs custom air handling and ventilation systems for dynamometer (dyno) test cells to include test cell temperature and pressure control. Under typical operating conditions, the room temperature can be maintained to within 20°F (-7°C) of the outside ambient conditions.

Custom Air Handling and Ventilation Systems include:

  • Fans, heaters, hoods and dampers (as required to operate system)
  • Multi-function control system that enables:
    • Standard operation
    • Remote operation for connection to Data Acquisition & Control
    • System or a Test Cell Command Center
    • Purge mode used to vent the room of smoke or fumes in the event of an engine or accessory failure
  • Motor starters and/or drives for the supplied equipment
  • Layout design (included with Design Services) for the mechanical contractor to build and install ductwork (ductwork not included)
  • Optional exhaust hood or direct capture exhaust system (purchased separately)
Custom Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand

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