Intake Airflow Meter

Designed to work with Dyne Systems’ DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System, the Intake Airflow Meter measures the amount of intake air consumed by an engine. Available in two sizes: 0 – 1,250 or 0 – 2,130 SCFM (0 – 5,635 or 0 – 9,600 lb/hr).

Intake Airflow Meter Features:

The Intake Airflow Meter uses the Pitot principle to measure the total and static pressure components of airflow, the pressure sensing ports sense the impact pressure of the approaching air stream allowing the transmitter to determine the volumetric flow of air. With the ports positioned at designated angles, the meter assures accurate measurement of the sensed airflow rate and eliminates the need for an airflow straightener upstream.

The transmitter provides an automatic zeroing circuit capable of electronically adjusting the transmitter to zero at predetermined time intervals while simultaneously holding the transmitter output signal. The automatic zeroing circuit eliminates all output signal drift due to thermal, electronic or mechanical effects, as well as the need for initial or periodic transmitter zeroing.

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Mass Airflow Meter:

For Mass Airflow Meters operated in temperature controlled spaces (with no thermal effect upon span), this automatic zeroing function essentially produces a “self-calibrating” transmitter.

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