Handheld Tablet

The Handheld Tablet allows the operator complete control away from the test cell and/or testing equipment yet still provides access to the data acquisition and control system. This is a great capability to have for system calibration, troubleshooting and more.

Handheld Tablet Features:

The Handheld Tablet provides the perfect balance of size and power. It offers a 12 in (305 mm) LCD multi-touchscreen, long battery life, lightweight and compact design. The pen stylus makes it easy to navigate between applications. All screens, functions and capabilities are equally accessible through the Surface Pro or a PC. The only difference is that the Surface Pro incorporates the touchscreen interface versus the traditional point-and-click of a PC.

The Handheld Surface Pro comes with a protective cover for greater durability and superior protection. The cover is is dust resistant, shockproof and splash-proof. It also features an adjustable 360° rotating handle and comfortable strap for a secure grip.

Custom Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand

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