Test Cell Fuel Systems

Dyne Systems offers Test Cell Fuel Systems for your testing requirements, including Fuel Measurement Unit (Diesel) and Fuel Flow Meter Assemblies. We also offer Fuel Coolers and Fuel Storage Tanks which are listed in Test Cell Accessories pages. Contact us if you can’t find what your looking for.

Fuel Measurement Unit (Diesel)

The Diesel Fuel Measurement Unit (FMU) accurately measures the weight of diesel fuel (not for use with gasoline) in a beaker and calculates the rate of fuel consumption by continuously analyzing the weight of the beaker as the engine draws and returns fuel. The beaker is self-filling and will automatically maintain the minimum and maximum amounts of diesel fuel in the beaker. All units include a Heat Exchanger to cool the return diesel fuel and maintain a beaker temperature of 100°F (38°C). Download the pdf for features and specifications.

Fuel Flow Meter Assemblies

Measure flow rates from 0.05 to 0.50 gpm (0.189 to 1.89 lpm) or from 0.1 to 1.0 gpm (0.378 to 3.785 lpm). For use with gasoline, explosion proof design. Requires 13-30 VDC power (provided by DynPro2 if applicable). Output is 0-5 TTL signal or 0-10 VDC. For further specifications and pressure drop information, download the pdf.

Custom Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand

Need a Custom Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand?

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