Fault Beacon Light with Siren

An attractive unit that provides an audible and visual warning for indoor and outdoor applications that require both a sound and visual warning signal. The Fault Beacon combines the features of a mini sounder with a fully integrated xenon strobe circuit. The Fault Beacon is ideal for wall or panel mount applications where low voltage is required.

Features of the Fault Beacon Light with Siren include:

All channels have the capabilities of: Low Warn, High Warn, Low Fail and High Fail alarm ranges. If outside the fail range, DynPro2 will perform the pre-defined shutdown actions.

  • Operating voltage ranges from 18 – 30 VDC (with an average of 68 mA current consumption)
  • Two Sweeping and Continuous switchable tone patterns available
  • Range of 82dB – 100dB at 10 ft (92 – 110 decibels @ 1m), dependent upon tone selected
  • Volume control allows for 20 decibels of adjustment
  • Bright xenon strobe that produces 0.7 Joules of flash energy with a flash frequency of 60 flashes per minute
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