Emergency Stop (E‑Stop) Button Kit

The E-Stop Buttons are designed to power down the DynPro2 Data Acquisition and Control System in the event of an emergency. The power down is activated by pressing the orange emergency push button. The E-Stop Button Kit does not take the place of mechanical devices that are used to remove the energy from the engine or vehicle while under test.

E-Stop Button Kit:

The E-Stop Button Kit comes with 4 push button control boxes that can be mounted throughout your facility. It is important to install these kits in the proper locations so that the push button is easily accessible and can be pushed immediately in case of an emergency.

Standards and regulations for E-Stop Button implementation vary significantly by industry. Designers must have a good understanding of the governing bodies and standards that apply. Additional recommended devices include:

  • Air Intake Shut Off Valve – Emergency Shut Down Valve
  • Loading the engine via the dyno
  • Fuel Shut Off Solenoid
Custom Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand

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