Dynamometer Monitoring System (DMS)

The Dynamometer Monitoring System (DMS) provides the test cell operator with a user-friendly interface to a fixed set of test cell functions. The DMS includes a single, rack mountable, User Interface (UI) and hardware connection box. The UI includes a configurable touchscreen for virtual button control and visual indicators for items such as warnings, alarms, and function status.

Dynamometer Monitoring System (DMS) Features:

The core function of the DMS package is to monitor discrete digital (on/off) and analog feedback for an AC dynamometer.  It operates completely independent of any test automation software; therefore, providing protection for the test system regardless of operation mode.

  • AC Dynamometer Monitoring
    • 3 Winding RTDs
    • 2 Bearing RTDs
    • 1 Inlet Cooling Air RTD
    • 1 Blower Pressure Switch
    • 1 TSTAT Switch
    • 1 Shaft Lock
  • Alarm Notification
  • Stop Action Configuration (Coast or Brake Stop)
  • Limit Setting (Low, Warning and High)
  • Stop Action Delay
  • Temperature Values Configuration (°F or °C)
  • Four Security Access Levels
  • Optional Built-in Power Supply for Flange-Style Torque Sensors
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