A Complete Line of Dynamometer Testing Equipment

Dyne Systems offers a full line of dyno testing equipment. We supply AC and Eddy Current dyno, data acquisition and control systems, AC drive integration and also the required accessories to test power and torque measurement. If you can’t find what you need for what your test requires, we also offer custom test systems. Please give us a call to discuss your needs. Example systems can be found in our Custom Dynos area.

Dyne Systems has been trusted for performance and endurance since 1983. We give the best overall value in the industry and are now a part of Taylor Dynamometer. This gives over 90 years of experience to tap into. We can help you minimize downtime and maximize productivity. This will give the greatest possible return on investment.

Explore our dynamometer testing equipment below. Don’t hesitate to give our experts a call to discuss your test system.

Dyne Systems’ Dynamometer and Dyno Testing Equipment

Eddy Current and AC Dynamometers


Our AC and Eddy Current models are benchmarks in the industry

Data Acquisition and Control

Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Powerful, easy-to-use data acquisition systems and controls help gather and analyze important data

AC and DC Drives

AC and DC Drives

Regenerative and non-regenerative drive integration solutions

Dynamometer Accessories


From air handling systems, to fuel tanks, cooling columns and many more of the essentials