Dyne to Feature Dynamometers, Tables & Test Stands for Electric Motor Testing at LEMUG

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018

Orlando, Florida (January 22, 2018) – Dyne Systems global manufacturer of engine, vehicle, aerospace and industrial component testing equipment, will exhibit at the Large Electric Motor Users Group (LEMUG) Expo from February 4 through February 8, at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

At the show, Dyne System will feature: dynamometers, XYZ and T-Slot tables, horizontal, vertical and horizontal/vertical test stands designed for testing electric motors. They will also promote their state-of-the-art data acquisition and control system, DynPro2. Here are some of Dyne Systems’ recently commissioned electric motor projects:

Test Stand with XYZ Table

A complete electric motor test stand consisting of a DM8160 500 hp eddy current dynamometer and XYZ T-Slot table. The T-Slot table moves in each axis and is used for mounting an electric motor under test. This test stand is typically used for testing remanufactured DC motors used in mining machinery.

2,000 HP Horizontal/Vertical Eddy Current Dynamometer Test Stand

A Midwest MW3232 (2,000 hp) horizontal/vertical eddy current test stand installed in a custom cradle that allows it to operate in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. The customer uses a hoist to change orientations. It includes a custom fixture that is used for mounting vertical pump motors used primarily in the nuclear power generation industry.

20 HP Vertical AC Dynamometer

A custom 20 hp AC dynamometer vertical test fixture installed in a custom enclosure and includes an inline torque transducer for torque measurement. Custom connectors are used to provide instrumentation and power connections. Eyelets allow the customer to hang the dynamometer over a water filled well for testing pump motors dynamically.

About Dyne Systems

Dyne Systems is an industry leader in manufacturing and engineering powertrain test solutions for the automotive, defense, agricultural, aeronautic and related industries. Being on the forefront of the newest technology and system innovation, Dyne Systems is a combination of three independent companies: Dyne Systems Co, Midwest® Dynamometer and Engineering Company and Eaton Dynamatic™ Dynamometer. www.dynesystems.com