Modular Dyno Test Cells

Designed for easy integration, setup and takedown in your facility. Modular Dyno Test Cells from Dyne Systems are custom-configured with everything you need for your testing success.

Our modular test cells can be set up quickly on a concrete floor inside an existing building. Each cell includes modular sound attenuating walls, ceiling, doors and windows. In some cases, modular cells can also be depreciated as equipment for an added tax benefit.

Modular Test Cell Components

To meet your rigid, acoustical and structural requirements, Modular Test Cells offer:

  • Ceiling panels with perforated interior skin, the exterior skin is solid
  • Roof designed to support workers walking on it
  • Door and frame are prime painted in a standard gray color
  • Exhaust Plenum Panels with specified exhaust fans
  • Paint-ready walls and ceiling
Dynamometer Test Cell Integration

Have Custom Control Needs?

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