Test Cell Fuel Storage
& Distribution

Dyne Systems can design and implement a fuel storage and distribution system for your test cell.  During the initial stages of facility design, Fuel Systems are often overlooked or minimized. While the use of a standalone day tank for testing engines is practical for short duration tests of small engines, large industrial engines often require more sophisticated Fuel Storage and Distribution Systems.

Test cell size, local building codes and safety concerns often prevent you from storing enough fuel in your test cell to efficiently run your operation.  Bulk fuel storage tanks located away from the test cell area (typically outside), combined with an automatic day tank or fuel measurement unit in the dyno room, allows for an adequate and safe supply of fuel.

Features of Fuel Storage Tank

  • Above-ground rectangular diesel fuel storage
  • From 10 to 1,000 g (38 to 3,785 l)
  • Level gauge
  • 2 in. (51 mm) fill connection
  • Heavy-gauge-steel, lap-joint construction
  • Interior-epoxy coated; exterior-gloss black