Air Handling and Ventilation Systems

Air handling and ventilation systems are essential for cooling and providing fresh air to the test cell, while alleviating potentially harmful issues including:

  • Engine heat & blow-by
  • Preservatives and paint out-gassing from a newly rebuilt engine
  • Steam from process water

Turn to Dyne Systems’ engineering team to deliver an air handling system optimized for your specific test cell requirements. Whether you need a system that maintains temperatures within 18°F (10°C) of the outside ambient conditions (under typical operating conditions), or duct designs to optimize the air temperature at the engine’s air intake, we have the experience and expertise to deliver.

Test Cell Air Handling and Ventilation Components

  • Fans, heaters, hoods and dampers
  • Multi-function control system for standard operation, remote operation and purge mode
  • Motor starters and/or drives for the supplied equipment
  • Layout design for the mechanical contractor to build and install ductwork (ductwork not included)
  • Optional exhaust hood or closed exhaust (direct capture) system (purchased separately)

Air Storage Tanks

  • Air Storage Tanks are available in both 120 and 500 gal (454 and 1,892 l) sizes; ASME Certified.