Test Cell Equipment and Support Systems

A test cell is a complex structure that must integrate seamlessly with the rest of your facility and systems. Fortunately, Dyne Systems can provide you with all the equipment and facility support systems required for a complete, high-performing test cell.

Turn to our engineers for a complete system solution for your new or existing facility. Learn more about these facility support systems below – all delivered with a focus on simplifying the whole operation, so you can focus on what you do best.

Dynamometer Test Cell Equipment and Systems

Test Cell Air Handling and Ventilation System

Air Handling Systems

Continuously managing the interior atmosphere

Coolent Storage and Distribution System

Coolant Storage and Distribution

An efficient, integrated approach to cooling your test cell environment

Test Cell Engine Exhaust System

Exhaust Systems

Eliminating harmful fumes from the test cell environment

Bulk Fuel Storage and Distribution

Fuel Storage and Distribution

Providing a safe and sufficient fuel supply for your operation

Emergency stop (e-stop) button kit


Equipping you with the latest safety solutions

Sound Control and Noise Mitigation

Sound Control and Noise Mitigation

Analysis and specifications to reduce noise inside and out of your test cell

Water Recirculation System

Water Systems

Comprehensive water systems for efficient, effective cooling without wasting water