Dynamometer Test Cell Design

Are you a dyno test cell design expert? If not, don’t worry; just turn to the engineering experts at Dyne Systems.

In a rapidly evolving test cell environment, you can count on our long record of successful test cell designs and installations. You get a cost-effective and operationally efficient design that equips you with the latest technical advancements and best practices.

What’s Included in Your Design?

Dyne Systems provides a drawings package with 3D models of your facility that is fully compatible with most architectural design software including ArchiCAD™, Revit™, and AutoCAD™. Your design drawings may include:

  • Control room
  • Test cell floor plan
  • Test cell trench plan
  • Equipment layout
  • Mechanical plans
  • Lighting

  • Process Piping plan
  • Electrical plan
  • Ventilation and Exhaust design
  • Water Systems (and other facility support systems)

Modular Dynamometer Test Cell

Additional Test Cell Options

Our Modular Test Cells can make for a flexible alternative option to your custom solution