High Power and Torque Vertical / Horizontal Test Stand

This custom solution consists of a custom eddy current dynamometer that is rated at 2000 hp (1491 kW) and 10,504 lb-ft (14,242 Nm) of torque. The dyno is installed in a custom cradle that allows for operation in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. It is used for mounting and testing large vertical DC pump motors that are primarily used in the nuclear power generation industry.

This custom vertical / horizontal eddy current dynamometer solution consists of:

  • (1) One – Custom eddy current dynamometer – Some specifications include:
    • Power: 2,000 hp (1,491 kW)
    • Max. Torque at Base Speed: 10,504 lb-ft (14,242 Nm)
    • Base Speed: 1,000 rpm
    • Max. Speed: 3,000 rpm
  • One (1) custom cradle allowing for operation in vertical / horizontal orientation

For more information on this particular model of dynamometer, see our
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