Oil Gap Cooled – High Speed AC Dynamometer Solution

Dyne Systems has created a test stand for the engineering development and testing of air turbine starters systems used in a variety of turbofan and turboshaft engine applications. It has the capability to emulate various inertia conditions so that the stand can be used with starters for multiple engine sizes / airframe applications.

This test stand called for demanding testing requirements for speed, power and inertia. It features a holding brake that has the capability to index the starter in stall position and then seamlessly allow the unit under test (UUT) to accelerate. Also, as part of the unique customer lab space requirements, Dyne Systems co-located the control instrumentation and regenerative ac drive into a single enclosure, which made for a more compact and seamless installation.

The AC Dyno Solution Consists of:

  • A 637 hp (474 kW), oil gap cooled, 12,700 rpm, AC Dynamometer with holding brake
  • Capable of 1,625 lb-ft (2,203 Nm) of torque
  • Lubrication pump control system
  • Regenerative AC drive
  • Inter-Loc V dynamometer controller included within AC Drive enclosure


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