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Dynamometer Testing Solutions

Dyne Systems can help provide a test system for your specific needs. This includes engine testing or other rotating devices such as electric motors, wind turbines, transmissions, or drive-lines. We can find you a solution! More

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Products and Accessories

Eddy Current Dynamometers - Midwest-Dynamatic

Eddy Current Dynamometers

Our engine dynos are precise, low-maintenance, and have rapid response time when measuring torque and horsepower.

AC Dynamometers

AC Dynamometers

We offer compact dyno systems that have excellent response under strict operating conditions.

Custom Dynamometer Solutions

Custom Dynamometers

Are you in need of a custom dyno? Our Engineers can help design a solution that fits what your unique test requires.

Dynamometer Data Aquistion and Controls

Data Acquisition and Control Systems

Ensuring you make the most of your testing equipment, offering data acquisition and control packages for your application.

Dynamometer Accessories

Dynamometer Accessories

Providing a full offering of dynamometer accessories and parts.