Stand-Alone Throttle Power Amplifier Unit

DS830 Stand-Alone Throttle Position Controller

The DS830 Stand Alone Throttle Amplifier Unit providing a solution that allows precise control of a Dyne Systems throttle actuator system through the use of standard analog and digital I/O connections. This unit is packaged in a 3.5” high x 19” wide rack mounted enclosure.

  • Analog voltage or current input enables unit to be used as a stand-alone closed-loop throttle controller
  • An on-board CPU provides closed-loop position control, fault detection, and actuator zero and span functions
  • Can be controlled from a large variety of common control systems via digital and analog I/O
  • LCD displays actuator position, fault status, setup information, etc
  • Internal capacitor bank contains sufficient stored energy to return actuator to the “zero” position in the event of a power failure
  • Operation is consistent with existing Dyne Systems throttle position controllers

  • Engine


  • 19” Rack x 3.5”h x 15”d

Control Power:

  • 120 V, 1.0 Amps
  • 50/60 Hz compatible

Environmental Limits:

  • Air Temperature: 0° to 40° C (104° F)
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%
  • No condensation allowed

Optional Configurations

  • Combination DS820 / DS830
Throttle Actuator

Throttle Actuator

The Throttle Actuator consists of a completely enclosed DC motor combined with a planetary gear reduction and optical encoder. The integral planetary gear reduction provides ample torque for actuating the most demanding mechanical throttle systems while the optical encoder provides precise position feedback for optimum control. Combined with Dyne Systems closed-loop throttle controls, this throttle actuator provides precise, repeatable control for position, speed and load modes. Dyne Systems throttle control systems offer an additional level of test automation by eliminating the need for manual throttle actuation.

Throttle PAU Remote

Throttle Power Amplifier Unit Remote

The Throttle Power Amplifier Unit Remote pendant is required to calibrate any of our stand alone throttle systems. This allows the dynamometer technician to make adjustments to the throttle in close proximity to the device under test. The standard remote includes a 5 foot cable in Sealtight that is terminated to a MS connector and also includes a hanging handle which allows it to be conveniently located on the Actuator Stand (sold separately).

Actuator Stand

Actuator Stand

The Actuator Stand works in conjunction with our Actuator Base Plate to give a convenient mounting location for the actuator. All cabling is internal with an exit port at the bottom of the stand.

Actuator Base Plate

Actuator Base Plate

The Actuator Base Plate is a useful mounting platform for the actuator that includes an adjustable anchor point for the throttle cable.

Remote Connection Box

Remote Connection Box

The Remote Connection Box is used instead of the Actuator Stand and offers the same electrical connection points including a MS receptacle for the Throttle Power Amplifier Unit Remote that is used for calibration and setup. An extra MS connector shown is used as a jumper to complete the circuit to avoid a soft shutdown fault when the Throttle Power Amplifier Unit Remote is not connected.

Actuator Cable Assemblies

Actuator Cable Assemblies

Multiple cable assemblies are available depending on mounting configuration of the actuator. Cables come in variable lengths, terminated or non-terminated, and with or without Sealtight depending on the needs.