Remanufactured Borghi & Saveri Dynamometers

Eddy Current Dynos

Dyne Systems specializes in remanufacturing Borghi & Saveri dynamometer models with the capability of restoring them to today's improved specifications. When remanufactured all parts are either restored to original specifications or completely replaced.

One Year Factory Warranty

  • Our remanufactured dynamometer warranty covers one year, and includes parts and labor.

Remanufactured Dynamometers Available

  • Factory Tear-Down Inspections
  • Cost Estimates
  • Complete Rebuild
  • Repairs
  • Field Inspections
  • Field Maintenance

When Shipping a dynamometer please use the following packaging guidelines:

The following Borghi & Saveri Eddy Current Dynamometer manuals are available upon request:

  • Instruction Manual for Model FE-150-S