Dyn-Loc V Dynamometer (Dyno) Controller

The Dyn-Loc V operates as a stand-alone Eddy Current dyno controller or can be controlled via an external computer with test automation software. The control loop updates 500 times per second providing fast, precise, and repeatable speed and torque control for dynamometers.

Additional Features of the Dyn-Loc V Include

The Dyn-Loc V has a color LCD display touchscreen to access all Dyn-Loc V functions. It provides accurate speed and torque control, simple operation, dual virtual lever-wheel setpoint entry and software upgradability. For eddy current dynamometer applications, a Power Amplifier Unit (PAU) will be required.

  • Advanced graphical tuning display
  • Bumpless control mode and state changes
  • Separate acceleration and deceleration ramp rates
  • Detailed fault annunciation and error reporting
  • 24 VDC programmable general purpose digital outputs (15)
  • 24 VDC programmable general purpose digital inputs (5), which allow integration of test cell control functions
  • Connects to most commercially available speed and torque transducer technologies
  • Dual-shaft dynamometer operation
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