Dyn-Loc V Digital Eddy Current Dynamometer Controller

Dyn-Loc V Digital Eddy Current Dynamometer Controller

The Dyn-Loc V is a closed-loop eddy current dynamometer controller, which can operate as a stand-alone controller or be controlled via an external computer with test automation software. The control loop updates 500 times per second providing fast, precise, and repeatable speed and torque control for eddy current dynamometers.

The Dyn-Loc V has a color LCD display touchscreen to access all Dyn-Loc V functions. It provides accurate speed and torque control, simple operation, dual virtual lever-wheel setpoint entry, full color LCD display, touchscreen user input, and software upgradability. For eddy current dynamometer applications, a Power Amplifi er Unit (PAU) will be required.

  • LCD touchscreen operator interface
  • Virtual lever-wheel setpoint entry
  • Advanced graphical tuning display
  • Precise speed and torque control
  • Updates all control loops 500 times per second
  • Bumpless control mode and state changes
  • Separate acceleration and deceleration ramp rates
  • Detailed fault annunciation and error reporting
  • Simple torque calibration
  • Simple system confi guration and setup
  • Programmable digital I/O for test cell integration
  • Connects to all popular speed and torque transducers
  • Dual-shaft dynamometer operation
  • Low voltage +24 VDC supply

  • Engine
  • Electric Motor / Alternator / Generator
  • Component / Gear Box / Lubricants

Dimensions (W x H x D):

  • 19 x 7 (4U) x 13 in. (483 x 432 x 330 mm)

Power Requirements:

  • +24 VDC @ 4.2 amps maximum (100 Watts)

Environmental Limits:

  • Air Temp: 0° to 104°F (40°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%
  • No condensation allowed

Enclosure Options:

  • Rack Mount
  • Pedestal
  • Boom Arm