DC Dynamometers

Dyne Systems Static DC 4-Quadrant Dynamometer Controls utilize either the Inter-Loc V or the Dyn-Loc IV digital dyno controllers to control RPM (speed) and torque. Includes wide-band 4SCR regenerative, current source field amplifier with bidirectional forcing for fast field control when operating above dynamometer base speed.

  • Regenerative systems from 1 to 1,200 Horsepower
  • New manufacturing of DC drives
  • Remanufacturing of used DC dynamometers
  • Control design allows for extensive customization
  • Dynamometer Soft Start and Stop, under all conditions
  • Up to +/-200% rated current limit and armature current slew rate of +100% to -100% in 40ms
  • Regenerative Braking for fault trips - Dynamic Braking available as an option
  • Armature Over-Voltage and Over-Current trips
  • Phase Loss / Under Voltage trip
  • Phase-Insensitive Power Converter
  • Wrong Direction Protection
  • Individual SCR fuses for high current dynamometers
  • Engine
  • Electric Motor / Alternator / Generator
  • Transmission / Transaxle / Differential
  • Component / Gear Box / Lubricants

DC Dynamometers are all built to the specifications needed by the customer.

BrandModel or TypeHorsepowerBase SpeedMax Speed
General ElectricTLC224210/825006000
General ElectricTLF3464F300/28540008000
General ElectricTLC2666H400/30015004000