DC Dynamometer Drives

DC Dynamometer Drive

We offer a wide range of regenerative and non-regenerative drive integration solutions that range from straightforward to complex systems for custom applications. We can also replace, upgrade, or retrofit DC systems to meet specific engineering requirements.

Regenerative Drives, also known as four-quadrant drives, are capable of controlling the speed and direction of an DC dynamometer’s rotation, as well as the direction of dynamometer torque. The term regenerative describes the ability of the drive under braking conditions to convert the mechanical energy of the motor and connected load into electrical energy which is returned (or regenerated) to the AC power source. Regenerative drives provide the dynamometer with the ability to absorb power and motor the device under test. Regenerative drives can reclaim a majority energy produced from the device under test which may reduce the overall cost of testing.

Non-Regenerative Drives, also known as two-quadrant drives, are capable of controlling motor speed and torque in one direction only. Typically they are used to control an DC dynamometer that acts as a prime mover in a test stand. This motoring-only dynamometer may drive a device under test while controlling and measuring speed or torque.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • IEEE519
  • Shaft Synchronization
  • Master / Follower Applications
  • Test Stands
  • Fan / Pump
  • Retrofits
  • 0 – 4,000 hp (0 - 2,983 kW)
  • Regenerative or non-regenerative
  • Complete packaged solutions in NEMA rated cabinets
  • Multi-drive common bus solutions
  • Stand-alone single drives
  • Specification / Scope Creation
  • Site Survey
  • Custom Engineering
  • Manufacturing / Assembly
  • Pre-Ship Testing
  • Final Drawings and Documentation
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Custom Packaging