CIA-III - Test Cell PLC Interface

Cell Interface Assistant III

The Cell Interface Assistance (CIA) provides the test cell operator with a user-friendly interface to test cell functions and other ancillary systems. Supplied to meet customer needs, the CIA includes a two-part hardware system comprised of a User Interface (UI) that is located at the test console for ease of accessibility for the operator and a remote hardware enclosure intended to mount near the dynamometer to minimize interface-wiring requirements.

  • Standardized Dynamometer Machine Monitoring
    • Temperatures
    • Coolant & Pressure
    • Coolant Flow
  • Touch Screen User Interface
  • Virtual Button Control and Virtual Indicators
    • Warnings
    • Alarms
    • Function Status
  • Designed to Meet Customer Specific Test Cell Requirements
  • Protection for Ancillary Test Functions and Dynamometer all in One System
  • Reliable and Efficient Testing Operations
  • Push Button Interface Available as an Additional Option
  • One AC Dynamometer
  • One Eddy Current Dynamometer
  • Two AC Dynamometers
  • Two Eddy Current Dynamometers
  • One AC and One Eddy Current Dynamometer
  • Other Custom Configurations Available
  • Engine Ignition / ECM Power
  • Cell Ventilation
  • Exhaust Scavenge Blower
  • Fuel Supply / Pump
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Combustion Air System