History of Midwest® Dynamometer & Engineering

Dyne Systems, Inc. is a combination of three independent companies. These include Dyne Systems Co, Midwest® Dynamometer and Engineering Company and Eaton Dynamatic™ Dynamometer.


Mid-West Dynamometer & Engineering Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois, by Paul H. Oberreutter (born January 18, 1892) in order to manufacture hydraulic dynamometers as well as integrate and sell “cradle”, chassis, block test dynamometers and engine bases and generator sets. Paul and his wife Elsie had two daughters Verne and Doris, and one son, Paul Jr.

While collaborating with Dynamatic who was making eddy current clutches for the illumination of passenger train cars, Paul Oberreuter came up with the idea of using the eddy current technology to manufacture dynamometers.

March 25, 1937

Dynamatic Dynamometer Corporation and Mid-West Dynamometer & Engineering Company signed their first agreement to have eddy-current dynamometers produced by Dynamatic and labeled as “Mid-West – Dynamatic Corporation” and Mid-West to be the exclusive sales representative for Dynamatic Corporation. Dynamatic developed and patented the eddy current dynamometer, Midwest manufactured the base and pedestals then the two were put together and sold as a system.

March 4, 1938

Mid-West Dynamometer & Engineering and Dynamatic Corporation entered into a license agreement for Mid-West to sell Hennan & Froude dynamometers domestically.

Mid-West began procuring pedestals, bases, tachometers and scales and assembling the dynamometers to be privately labeled as Midwest Dynamometer & Engineering Company products.


Purchases property and builds factory at 3100 River Road, River Grove Illinois.

Dynamatic’s eddy current dynamometer patent expires and General Electric begins manufacturing the EC dynamometer. Mid-West begins purchasing carcasses from GE.

Gene Pohl became the Sales Manager for Dynamatic and severed the arrangement with Midwest.

Paul Oberreutter Sr. wanted Midwest to make its own carcasses. He hired John Braise from Dynamatic and Harold Green from GE. Their expertise gave Midwest the ability to manufacture the carcasses.

December 12, 1955

Mid-West Dynamometer & Engineering Company’s contract with Dynamatic Corporation is limited to 1519s and smaller.

Late 1970’s - Early 1980's

The business Midwest had obtained from the U.S. Government declined after WWII and throughout the 1970’s. By 1985 the business was in poor condition and the IRS closed it due to non-payment of taxes. The company’s attorney’s put together a group of investors who paid the debts and became owners of the business.

September 1982

Paul Oberreutter, Sr. passes away in Sebring, Florida


Maurice Grosby, a member of the investment group met Jerry Jonen at a small motors sales convention in Detroit. The investors were searching for someone to promote the business so they hired Jerry and Dyne Systems Company to market Mid-West’s products.

April 1, 2002

Dyne Systems LLC, owned by Jerry & Diana Jonen purchases Mid-West Dynamometer & Engineering Company and changes its brand name to Midwest Dynamometer & Engineering.

September 12, 2007

Paul Oberreutter, Jr. passes away in Cathedral City.